John Newberry


John is a customer focused and operationally driven business owner & leader with a wealth of experience in the FM & Property sectors. He has a track record of delivering business strategies that improve safety, service, employee and stakeholder satisfaction. John and his co-founding Directors set up Avrenim to deliver local FM & project management services within the North West with an intention to challenge the monopoly of the big international FM service contractors who operate in the region. John is convinced it is local companies that deliver the best service to local customers, a consequence of which is that this is best for the local economic community in which the business operates.
John has enjoyed a varied career across the education, health, property and engineering sectors for over 25 years, the first ten years developing and training within NHS Estates and the last 15 years working for some of the largest construction and service providers in the UK. John is excited by the opportunity to shape the future operating model and growth strategy of Avrenim and work with those clients who share his and the companies principles, values and social responsibility.
His main passion with the company is delivering customer satisfaction and how the company can benefit the local community through its various corporate social responsibility events and targets.

“A company like Avrenim, a medium sized local enterprise (SME), will only ever have a limited number of customers in the North West, which emphasises how important our customers are to us, they are far more important when compared to a big international contractor who has thousands of customers. We only exist for our carefully selected customer pool and they get 100% of our attention every hour of every day”