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Helpdesk Jeopardy Management System

On 21st February 2019 we launched our Jeopardy Management screens for Avrenim’s Royal Liverpool University Hospital helpdesk and since this was deployed this has assisted hugely with our target performance KPIs.  This has been achieved through enhanced performance management of our sub contractors and through proactive performance management of tasks received at the helpdesk, staff scheduling and continuous review.

Since Avrenim’s inception it was evident that we would need to implement a Jeopardy Management System to enable proactive performance management.  We were unable to utilise the Jeopardy Management System from the previous employer as this was not fit for purpose.

A new, faster and more efficient system had to be developed and one that would be able to be implemented seamlessly, ensuring the operational functions of the Concept CAFM system were unaffected by the transition.  A new, separate reporting server was needed to set up to the SQL reporting service to enable this.

The company had to ensure that its supply chain growth, together with the increase in shift patterns could accommodate the plethora of helpdesk requests within the time frame KPIs.

Our IT Provider, Vigo reviewed the system used previously but were unable to view the back end function of the jeopardy management system therefore Intradev software developers were appointed by Avrenim to deliver the project and they had to develop the new system, using data tables drawn from the CAFM, hosted on the Avrenim reporting server.  The Jeopardy Management dashboard link was issued to the helpdesk team and Estates Management team explaining the new screen and how it could be accessed.

The Jeopardy Management System screens are visible to all at the Helpdesk, Supervisors  and Estate Management offices and are also accessible from any Avrenim network laptop and PC enabling constant real time view of the status of tasks.  This has dramatically changed and improved the performance and because it has a reports element, this enables us to run reports to show which tasks are overdue and which tasks have been completed in any one month and whether they have passed or failed the SLA.  These reports also calculate any relevant deductions/SFPs from any tasks that have failed, this data is then used when reporting monthly performance to the client.

As a result of this system the months of February and more recently March have represented our best ever performance months since the commencement of Avrenim.  We achieved this through having a full complement of staff, performance management of our sub-contractors and through proactive performance management of tasks received at the helpdesk by the helpdesk staff scheduling and reviewing the tasks continuously.

The newly deployed jeopardy management dashboard has massively enhanced our ability schedule works effectively, enabling tasks to be closed out within the KPI targets.


“Following the appointment of Avrenim FM for the provision of Hard FM services at Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust across all Trust sites, the CAFM system provided adequate information but left a number of jobs being “open”  and only completing across two reporting months. This meant that it did not provide an accurate level of performance. The introduction of the Jeopardy Management System has meant that jobs are signed off in real time which provides to me, as Contract Manager for the Trust, more accurate and timely data for analysis and audit purposes. It has been a great addition to the helpdesk / CAFM system and is proving to be an invaluable tool for Avrenim’s performance management process. ” 

Chris Joughin, Estates Manager

Royal Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust

Jeopardy Management System