Case Study

Statutory and Mandatory Compliance

In November 2019 Avrenim Consultancy were appointed by Warrington and Halton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to complete a Statutory and Mandatory compliance audit of their Estates service. The scope of work was carefully agreed to suit their needs and fit in with their budget.

Avrenim worked alongside the Trust Estates management team and their specialist contractors to review what Statutory and Mandatory  planned and reactive work was being completed and how the records were stored as evidence. The Avrenim consultant with over 15 years of experience working in NHS estates developed a 152-point compliance checklist to cover all statutory and mandatory requirements such as Electrical Systems, Fire Safety Systems, Gas Systems, Lifting Equipment, Mechanical Systems, Water Management, Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER) and Decontamination Equipment .

The work involved 10 days on site across both Warrington and Halton Hospitals to review and audit the Estates planned and reactive records held by the team.  The Avrenim consultant used his professionalism and understanding of NHS estates to complete the audit without impacting on how the daily activities need to be completed. This ensured the estates team felt engaged in the process and not pressured.

The work was completed with 5 days off site to review and compile all the evidence gathered over the 10-day period to produce a full report for the customer. The report contained a detailed description and highlighted areas recommended  for improvement  and noting areas of good practice for continued growth and increasing compliance.

The audit and report were completed on time to a high standard that the customer was happy with. The report allowed the NHS trust to measure current compliance and plan a structured way forward to improve. It also allowed the Estates team to engage the Trust’s key stakeholders at board level to ensure they made influential decisions to support the team’s plans to improve the overall compliance and performance.

“The Avrenim Consultant was professional throughout the period he worked with my team. He was non-intrusive and understanding of our daily pressures. I’d highly recommend Avrenim Consultancy. The service they provided was scoped out jointly and executed as planned, ensuring we received the best possible outcome.”

Ian Wright MIHEEM | Associate Director of Estates & Facilities | Warrington & Halton Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust



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