Broadgreen Hospital I Ward 10

Broadgreen Hospital - Ward 10
Project snapshot
  • Client

    Liverpool NHS Trust
  • Place

    Thomas Dr, Liverpool
  • Type of work

  • Duration

    8 Weeks

Avrenim Developments were commissioned by Broadgreen Hospital for the refurbishment of Ward 10 at Alexandra wing. In support of the opening of the New Royal Liverpool University Hospital. There was a requirement to transfer the Medical Day Ward from the 4th floor of the old Liverpool Royal Hospital into Ward 10 Broadgreen Hospital.

Ward 10 had been used as an outpatient service clinic area and had been significantly modified from previous inpatient use. This required a complete refurbishment of the ward environment to provide 24 chair spaces and three side rooms with medical gases and nurse call systems. It required an upgrade to the ward environment, lighting , storage, and office facilities. It also required a change of use of their rooms to an office space, staff room and rehabilitation Kitchen.

The medical gas for the adjourning ward, ward 8 was dual fed from the same supply as Ward 10. During the refurbishment we successfully completed a medical gas switch over to allow each ward to receive individual feeds. This was specifically arranged with the live ward (Ward 8) for a time were patients requiring oxygen was at minimum and temporary oxygen bottles were provided to the ward.

3 Weeks into our 8-week programme the trust made a request to add 1 additional vacuum point to each of the chair spaces. This meant our programme of works needed to be amended to incorporate these additional works to make sure there was no effect on the completion date to enable the ward to move in live with the opening of the New Royal.

Avrenim coordinated all aspects of the work and worked closely with the Architect, Estates team, Building company and crucially the Clinical teams to ensure that this was delivered on time and it met the needs of the clinical team


There was an extremely tight programme due to the Trusts requirement to open bed spaces as quickly as possible, this was due to the opening of the new royal combined with winter pressures


In order to assist with the Trust requirement, we worked additional hours of an evening and weekends to help hit our completion date


We successfully completed works with no disturbance to the initial program. The Project was delivered within the original time frame.

Throughout the process Avrenim provided onsite support to the teams and was able to listen to the needs of the multi-disciplinary team and ensure their needs were met in the design and finish of the clinical area.

Adam through his excellent communication skills and his personal and friendly approach, kept myself and the leadership team fully informed of progress throughout the process. The refurbished ward has been a great success and the environment has been greatly appreciated by the patients who use the facility and by the ward staff who deliver the care.

Andrew Cleary Head of Operations