BU Energy Solutions | Chicken Farm

Solar Panels
Project snapshot
  • Client

    BU Energy Solutions
  • Place

  • Type of work

    Solar PV and Battery Storage
  • Duration

    8 Weeks

Avrenim assisted BU Energy Solutions who were commissioned to produce solar for a large chicken farm & lithium-ion battery storage.

We assisted in installing over 100 panels across three separate buildings, which all fed into a 100kw/250kwh hybrid lithium-ion battery storage container.

By meticulous management of the process from design through to install and commissioning, over 1000 panels across three separate buildings were installed. Two roofs of 110kwp each feed into a 100kw / 250kwh hybrid lithium-ion battery storage container. A separate roof of 120kwp feeds into 3 x 40kw inverters.

Using this set up, the farm can maximise the onsite use of solar generation, whilst storing any excess energy in the battery system, to use at night or when the weather is poor.

Another key advantage of battery storage is the ability to use stored power at times when the farm would ordinarily be paying peak rate charges. Known as ‘peak-shaving’. In this case it would facilitate potential savings of £2k per month just through avoidance of these peak periods.

The battery also offers a direct secondary revenue stream. Knows as Demand Side response(DSR), this works by offering spare capacity to either feed or store from the grid.