Inspired Villages Group | Austin Heath Village

Project snapshot
  • Client

    Inspired Villages Group
  • Place

  • Type of work

  • Duration

    2 weeks

Avrenim replaced an existing failed CHP at Austen Heath Village alongside installation of a state of the art CHP system with hydraulic configuration.

Avrenim Development was appointed by Inspired Villages Group to replace the existing failed 20kWe CHP at their Austen Heath site with a like for like replacement and modify the energy centre hydraulic configuration to ensure the CHP will be able to operate as much as possible.

The project entailed the complete strip out and removal of the existing CHP and associated ancillary equipment. Installation of new CHP and ancillary equipment with upgraded hydraulic configuration. Reconfigure the hydraulic configuration of the boilers with 3-port back-end protection valves. Modify the BMS controls based on the new hydraulic configuration for the CHP and boilers and required sequencing of operation. The energy centre provides heat into the connected district heating network. The modifications made in the energy centre will ensure that the CHP and boilers can operate under ideal conditions independent of the required heat demand from the heat network with the CHP operating more than 90% per annum.

Due to the energy centre providing heating and domestic hot water to the retirement village the works had to occur under live conditions. This required close liaison between the project team including, Avrenim Developments, the Estates Department, and the IVG team. Daily interface and co-ordination were required regarding progress, health and safety i.e., dust prevention, privacy, security, assessment of any risk or hazards and timing of activities and establishing when hazardous or disruptive works could take place.

The successful delivery of the project was due to a collaborative team effort across all stakeholders, including the supply chain. It was essential to hold weekly meetings and daily communications for the programming of works and working around daily activities of the area.


Install new CHP and modify hydraulic and BMS configuration under with no loss of heat.


Works were all sequenced and communicated with relevant parties.


Replace like for like 20kWe CHP, install 3 Way Back-end protection valves for the 2 existing boilers, and modify the BMS control philosophy. CHP operating hours are achieved and boilers are controlled properly.