Ormskirk Hospital | Energy Centre

Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust
Project snapshot
  • Client

    Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust
  • Place

    Ormskirk Hospital
  • Type of work

  • Duration

    13 Days

Avrenim were commissioned by Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust to undertake a detailed energy and performance assessment of the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant at the Ormskirk Hospital as part of their ongoing energy review.

Avrenim firstly engaged with our client to fully understand the scope of works, desired output and timelines before mobilising our specialist energy consultants.
Avrenim then instigated a number of site visits to familiarise ourselves with the CHP plant and steam distribution system, engage with the local operator and estate energy manager before gathering a large amount of energy and operational data required to undertake a desktop analysis.

Avrenim further took the opportunity to undertake an early-stage review of opportunities for improvement of efficiencies and methodologies in the Energy Centre’s operation

In our professional capacity, we engaged with all key stakeholders, completed a feasibility and engineering study, undertook an energy and operational analysis and produced a detailed report to stimulate discussions on the energy services contract, operational, technical and commercial performance, compliance, costs, whilst further outlining a number of considerations that would support the future proofing of our clients energy strategy.

It was great to work with Avrenim Energy Services, we are extremely pleased with the services they provided.

Their professionalism, knowledge and experience across energy management, engineering, operations, asset management and commercial delivery has provided a layer of support that will no doubt serve the NHS well.

Phil Greenough Head Of Hard Facilities Management, Ormskirk Hospital