Southport Hospital Wards

Southport Hospital Wards corridor
Project snapshot
  • Client

    Southport Hospital
  • Place

    Southport Hospital Wards
  • Type of work

  • Duration

    52 Weeks

In September 2019 Avrenim team was awarded the contract to complete the refurbishment of 8 wards on behalf of Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust at Southport General Hospital.

The Avrenim Developments team have created the new programme to meet the original client deadline, implementing H&S measures such as hoarding to keep the users safe, and reduce dust and noise within the live wards.

Works began, and the Avrenim team operated in multiple wards at the same time utilising the labour on site to begin works in other areas. This programme has faced many challenges, requiring a high number of variations, and a daily review of the programme and availability within the hospital in order to complete within the required timescale and budget

Communication has been key to the delivery of this programme.

The Avrenim management worked closely with Trust representatives, they shared and facilitated the plan to further share it with ward staff to ensure accessibility to required areas was provided.
The team have made changes along the way such as completing flooring out of hours to reduce the risk posed if we were to complete this during the day when footfall is higher as the works were carried out in the live Ward.

The management and supervision on site have been increased accordingly to ensure that decisions can be made and implemented quickly. Avrenim leading team members continued to hold weekly project reviews to keep the Trust informed throughout the project.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the last stage of the project has been putted on hold on behalf of the Trust who were using facilities to ensure that the hospital can provide additional beds for such patients.


Works being carried out in the live Wards has proven to be complicated and challenged the implemented program.


Good communication with Trust staff , additional work force and quick alteration of the program have determined of the project’s outcome.


The project was proven to be successful regardless of the multiple minor difficulties during the execution of the programme.