Corporate Social Responsibility

“Avrenim believes that its customers expect it to operate its business in a way that benefits the employees, customer and the wider community in which it operates.

As a medium sized enterprise based in Liverpool, Avrenim is completely focused on delivering its services to its customers using local labour, local suppliers wherever possible, supporting its customers and community schemes and charities and paying employees to volunteer for those good causes that bring value to the local community. As a local firm with these ambitions we are best placed to deliver real CSR through our operating models, CSR targets and through engagement with the communities in the areas we operate in.

We aim to achieve and evidence the above through annually setting CSR targets on local employment and supply chain including selecting community-based services/charities that will benefit from our support. We will also ensure staff are aware that they can take 2 additional paid leave days on top of their leave entitlement to volunteer for organisations and events that bring improvements and value to the community.

Our long-term ambition is for our customers to have engagement and input into our annual CSR targets so we align with their CSR policy.”