Avrenim CEO, Simon Harris shares his views on the latest GDP figures

Avrenim CEO, Simon Harris recently shared his thoughts on the recent UK GDP announcement.

Here’s what Simon had to say on the announcement:

“After a long period of uncertainty, it was welcoming to see an increase in GDP – which can only be positive for both the national economy and the local Liverpool City Region economy too. From my perspective at Avrenim – which manages some of the city’s largest and most renowned buildings – an increase of 0.6% is hugely important not only because it brings the country out of recession; and not only because facilities management is circa 3% of GDP, but also because this increased investment in some of Liverpool’s vital services and commitments such as building and maintaining new and existing hospitals and achieving vital net zero targets. 

Avrenim boasts a proud reputation in the sectors that will benefit most from increased investment, while the North West accounts for almost 10% of the UK’s GDP – it also saw the largest increase out of all the regions of England. Additionally, across the Liverpool City Region in particular, we are seeing more businesses adopt a more hybrid approach to work and so, coupled with an increase in gross domestic product, it has enabled companies to expand their operations while also positioning Liverpool at the forefront of the workplace agenda. 

In short, by leveraging economic growth to tackle the root cause of some of the biggest issues impacting the region, we can work together to ensure that everyone has access to quality healthcare, education and even an optimum place to work.”