General Manager, Adam Newberry shares his thoughts on UKREiiF 2024

Last week, Avrenim General Manager, Adam Newberry and Head of Sales, David Todd attended the UK’s leading event for real estate and property, UKREiiF.

Adam reflected on his time at his first UKREiiiF experience, expressing his thoughts on the event and the talks held around the latest news in the industry.:

“There was a buzz of energy and optimism in the air across the whole campus at UKREiiF and It was refreshing hearing plans that the councils within the combined authority have for the future, be it the state-of-the-art Mersey Care development in Sefton or the regeneration plans in Birkenhead – both of which are proof that commitment exists and progress is forthcoming.

What stood out for me most was the continued recognition that partnership with the private sector remains key; that the conversion to net zero must accelerate, and the need to disproportionately focus on execution and delivery capability will have the biggest impact. Nevertheless, challenges remain. We need frameworks that make planning faster, we need more incentives for businesses to convert to renewable technology and we must engage our communities even more on the journey.”