What to consider when choosing a facilities management provider

Choosing a facilities management provider holds huge potential for your business including cost savings and enhanced process efficiencies. At Avrenim, we understand it can be difficult to know where to begin when seeking an FM provider and navigating this landscape demands consideration of various factors, starting with your exact business requirements. 

Avrenim creates unique, flexible and tailored solutions to customise your facilities management journey.

Let’s consider which main factors should influence your choice when selecting the perfect facilities management partner.

Always align your FM provider with your specific business goals

 Facilities management is a vital component to ensure seamless day-to-day operations. Outsourced facilities management can become an easy and essential process in the day-to-day running of your business. There should be a serious focus on understanding your organisation, and the expected standard of service and adherence to business goals you expect from the provider.  Therefore, choosing the right facilities management provider is crucial for not only ensuring adherence to your business goals but also for streamlining operations and enhancing overall business efficiency and growth

 Collect your data

It’s crucial to have a clear picture of the status quo when it comes to searching and evaluating FM service providers. This ensures that what is proposed can be cleanly checked against what you know to be true in your premises. When there is any mismatch, it’s important to have the discussion and correct any proposals as needed.

Understand your metrics and KPIs

 An FM services provider should ensure that the right set of KPIs are in place so that performance can be measured in line with what the client is expecting, and be shared with the client in full transparency. Those KPIs are not only used for the FM provider internally but as the starting point for regular reviews with the client on service delivery.

As a client, don’t be afraid to discuss or reassess metric proposals – the provider should always be happy to do so. Avrenim is a facilities management provider that caters to your needs and aids in your success whilst happily being measured along the way.

The long term

 To reap the benefits of an outsourced FM partnership, always ask questions surrounding a provider’s track record of long-term contacts as well as the long-term proposals they offer for your business. An FM provider should foster a joint vision of partnership and success, with the ability to grow and evolve with your business and inform you of the current trending best practices in your specific industry. 

Reliability, trust and experience

 As a company, you need to feel you can rely on your FM provider for a range of services. Reliability, trust and experience are crucial factors when choosing a facilities management provider for several reasons. Reliability is essential to ensure that the facilities management provider can respond promptly to issues and carry out repairs or maintenance tasks efficiently, helping to minimise downtime for your business operations. Reliable providers consistently deliver high-quality services, ensuring that your facilities are well-maintained over time. This is crucial for the overall performance and longevity of your assets.

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