World Environment Day 2024 – How FM and Project Delivery Make the Future Greener

As the world’s environmental awareness and concern for climate change continue to grow, businesses are being increasingly urged to take a proactive role in confronting the issue by deploying sustainable practices and reducing their carbon footprint. With energy consumption being a significant contributor to pollution, businesses are expected to prioritise energy efficiency and the consistent monitoring and optimisation of their daily systems. 

Innovative technologies and strategies to minimise impact on the environment have never posed such an importance. This shift towards sustainability is not only essential for the planet’s future but also presents a significant opportunity for businesses to improve their operational costs. 

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is Land Degradation, Desertification, and Drought (DLDD), these three effects encompass the worrying consequences of humanity’s overuse and misuse of water resources, exacerbated by climate change caused by human activities. We aim to empower businesses to seamlessly transition into sustainable practices and system operations, alleviating the pressure and uncertainty that often come with making this critical shift. 

For businesses ready to adapt, facilities management providers, like Avrenim, can assist in creating a safe, secure environment that is fit for the future, keeping its eco credentials at the forefront.

How FMs can manage your business sustainably 

The facilities management Avrenim provides ensures a business’s daily operations are running at their utmost efficiency. This will benefit the environment but also overall operational costs, as harmful impacts are minimised. The positive influence that facilities management certifies is that your facilities are: comfortable, safe, efficient, sustainable and in full working order. Enabling such a combination and thorough service throughout your facility will help to reach cost efficiency and boost team productivity. 

We provided facilities management services to Bowmans Cold Stores and delivered exceptional, sustainable results. Previously, a significant amount of energy was used within the facility as it was heavily reliant on the grid and international energy imports. To combat this and provide our client with a much more cost-effective outcome, we produced an extremely detailed sign, planning and installation methodology, which led to the provision of high-quality solutions with world-leading technology. Since our installations, there has been a huge reduction in reliance on grid electricity and imported electricity consumption, alongside impeccable upkeep of day-to-day operations. It is especially important to consider on World Environment Day how organisations can improve their carbon footprint. 

How project delivery makes your business greener 

Avrenim’s project delivery service has equipped several businesses and buildings with energy-efficient measures and sustainable design provisions. Involvement with designs from the initial concept has alleviated organisational pressures and time with Avrenim’s swift liaison and reliable project management. We stress the importance of World Environment Day as it crucially highlights the issues caused by CO2 emissions and we believe that we do our part in helping save our planet for future generations. 

We provided Maxwell Medical Centre at the University of Salford impeccable project delivery by performing mechanical alterations to the existing heating system and new LED lighting as well as various other services including full interior design. The alterations to the existing heating system allowed for energy-efficient measures to be taken and preventative measures against the use of raw materials while making sure existing working technologies are not taken to landfill. Overall the project reduced future CO2 emissions for the medical centre including a reduced carbon footprint upon delivery.

How to get started 

To get started on your sustainability journey, contact us via the ‘contact us’ page on our website: