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Statutory & Mandatory Compliance

At Avrenim Consultancy we can provide you with advice on how to achieve statutory and mandatory compliance within your buildings, services and operations to suit your organisation. We can undertake compliance audits to save you the time, act independently and provide assurance on your levels of compliance including providing corrective action plans.

Authorising Engineering Services

We have highly qualified and experienced authorised engineers available who can offer their expert advice on specialist disciplines:
  • High Voltage
  • Low Voltage
  • Ventilation
  • Lifts
  • Confined spaces
On appointment our AE Services comply with NHS and industry specialist guidance including annual audit, competence assessment, AP appointment recommendations, commissioning advice.

Interim & Project Management Services

Within Avrenim, we have a range of experienced and qualified engineering managers and senior managers whom we place for short term projects with customers such as
  • Senior Interim Management (FM/Estates)
  • Short term project management commissions
  • Support on delivering M&E backlog/lifecycle services
  • NHS specialists, providing management services to NHS or NHS contractors/service providers or PFI Companies.

PFI Contract Review and Advice

We can provide support and contract compliance audits to Service Providers, SPV Companies and Government agencies with our years of PFI contract experience and expertise
  • Support on PFI contract claims (customer & contractor SPV)
  • Advice on change/variation to contracts
  • Market testing, benchmarking and hand back support
  • Lifecyle fund Project Management Services
  • Dispute resolution mediation
  • Paymech modelling, review and set up