Project Management

Avrenim has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the healthcare, education and government sectors in the delivery of refurbishments and complex lifecycle and M&E works. Our team of professionals provide project management, design, condition surveys, cost management and technical advisory services, whilst also bringing their wider industry and sector knowledge and best practice to drive innovation and collaboration to their projects.

Delivering projects across this spectrum can be extremely challenging with works often required to take place in for instance, a live healthcare environment, where the safety, security and dignity of patients needs to be maintained at all times.

Avrenim are a professional service company trusted to drive better business outcomes for our clients across the FM sector. With extensive experience in providing the suite of services to our customers, we have a deep and tactile understanding of capital programmes and apply this expertise to drive industry best practice and innovation.

We offer a completely flexible approach to engaging with our clients, providing leadership, management and facilitation or technical support services as required.

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